NewTech s.r.l. has always been active in the field of innovative technologies: from three-dimensional modeling to structural calculations, from object programming to server application for e-commerce thanks to the academic and business training of the founders that have experienced the world of mechanical design and software development. The experience at the managerial level has led to the acquisition of a methodology geared to total quality and the management of working groups based on the achievement a common goal

For the Company, increasingly rooted in the national market, qualitative aspects become essential: to this end its policy is even more geared to maximizing the quality of the services offered and complying to technical specifications and customer requirements.

This last aspect has proven in time to be of particular importance and has brought the directors to prioritize the use of an effective management system, adequately documented and implemented.

In such process the strength of the organizations values and resources is crucial: it is the human depth that makes the difference in a successful business.

The achievement of this policy is established on a company management system based on the following fundamental principles:

  • Developing and maintaining a management system for quality as a tool to achieve goals, fulfil commitments, promote continuous improvement of the services offered and guarantee abidance to the requirements
  • Focus each activity on the customers needs to satisfy the customer at our best and faster in order to assert a position of leader in the market sectors in which we operate
  • Promote the appropriate work culture and methodologies in the organization so that whoever works with us is constantly able to provide the best service expected to the customer
  • Ensuring a high level of satisfaction for all employees through the pursuit of loyalty and sense of responsibility
  • Encourage all personnel to achieve their own attitudes, interests and predispositions and develop their technical and organizational skills
  • Ensure that all employees operate and work safely, in full compliance with the applicable laws and corporate standards, assessing all risks.

In carrying out its mission, NewTech s.r.l. alongside consolidated partnerships is committed:

  • towards its clients, by providing services that meet the mandatory and high-quality requirements, demonstrating transparency and reliability and ensuring the quality of service at competitive prices through cost analysis and containment.
  • towards employees, by encouraging an enterprising spirit, stimulating professional growth, ensuring fruitful and peaceful working relationships, promoting a safe working environment in which everyone can feel satisfied
  • towards the organization, by promoting company growth through adequate profitability and financial stability, essential elements for the affirmation of a Quality Policy.

The management of New Tech s.r.l. formally assumes the commitment, through the appointment of the Quality System Manager, to conduct a systematic and documented review of the quality system to ensure its continued adequacy and effectiveness in meeting the requirements of the reference standard, the level of application of which will be measured against the number of non-conformities and customer complaints generated by the deviation from these documents.

The management will determine the value of these indicators (number, percentage, costs, repetitive anomalies, etc.) during the review of the system and may decide to identify additional indicators.

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