NewTech S.r.l. is a service company active in the sectors of basic and detailed Mechanical Design and Information Technology. NewTech provides integrated services of mechanical engineering. Specialized in industrial, petrochemical and intralogistics plant sectors, Newtech focuses on customer satisfaction as one of the priority objectives aimed at reducing time to market through a careful analysis of business processes and an accurate data management through PDM and PLM tools.

As a qualifying factor, New Tech S.r.l. can claim to be an engineering company with experience and skills in the design and provision of specialized technical consulting services and company support.

NewTech offers to be a strong partner for consultancy in the field of Engineering design through the use of the most high-performing CAD/CAM/CAE software for data management, analysis of business processes and implementation of total quality.

New Tech offers valuable support during the design phase, giving its customers the opportunity to preview projects through 3D simulation, rendering and high-quality footage.

The Company, since 2015, operates internationally thanks to the establishment of a new division based in Houston (Texas) named NewTech TX LLC.

The human resource capacity may extend unlimited when each person start thinking

Taiichi Ohmo


NewTech was born from the will of the two founders of expressing one’s need for freedom and creativity.

The logo and the name (initially New ET), were born in the Bolognese taverns-cellars in the late ‘90s, at the time when they were smoky, full of music and full of desire to go a long way.

It all started with a laptop purchased in a large chain of technological items and a loaned car, waking up at five in the morning and traveling hundreds of miles a day. For years they both tried to make companies understand what it meant to use the new means that technology made available to designers of mechanical companies; until someone realized that maybe it was worth entrusting them with the realization of a project.

At that point it was really about making the design and management tools they had taught themselves work, implemented and configured; to do so they launched a new challenge: that of transferring to a group of fresh graduate engineers of the deep Italian south all that they had already taught hundreds of designers with years of experience.

This new beginning was shared in two rooms with little heating and much effort by those who really believed that you can create a new reality that could give a future in a land where even hope is a rare commodity.

After the first project, NewTech accepted new challenges and developed new projects both in the field of mechanical design and that of data management, looked for new room to grow and welcomed new people, soon becoming a reality in continuous evolution where only those who believe in the realization of a dream can find their own place.


NewTech s.r.l. is born from the common will of the two founding partners of doing business investing in the territory they love and the idea that the true competitive advantage lies in the sum of the knowledge and human qualities of the people who are part of it.

It proposes to operate according to a model of continuous improvement of its professional skills, technical content and results achieved through a systematic training. NewTech’s vision is to act according to the evolution of the customer needs, always responding with excellence through expertise, processes and state-of-the-art technologies.

NewTech is a young entrepreneurial reality, continuously evolving with a change-oriented mentality which holds valuable experience. A reliable and positive organization that has chosen to remain tied to their own traditions and ethical and moral principles: responsibility, commitment, cooperation, solidarity, honesty and humility, with the conviction that the respect for values and practices of good governance are indispensable conditions for the growth of business realities and for the sustainable development of the territory.


People are the real resource on which to invest, because with their intellect they have the ability to find a solution to the unexpected, to learn from their mistakes, to teach others and to improve.

Our philosophy stems from the belief that the true value of a company resides in the people who put in place a process of continuous and endless improvement by using tools but most importantly their mind, common sense, creativity and patience.

Preparation, open attitude towards change and the acquisition of new technologies have allowed the New Tech team to reach increasingly ambitious and difficult objectives and to acquire a work methodology based on constant innovation and Total Quality.

We believe that the sense of belonging, the common purpose and sharing of the company’s vision are essential requirements for a successful enterprise.

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